It Takes All Kinds

a Few Stories and Profiles by Erik Hedegaard from Inside the Pages of Rolling Stone (with Additional Commentary and Falderal Provided by the Author)

Alec Baldwin’s Spectacular Failure!

Here’s how this story almost never happened. The day before the scheduled interview, I was staying at a fleabag hotel out in the Hamptons, when the phone rang with Baldwin on the other end. Earlier, he’d asked me to pick a restaurant for our meeting. I’d scouted around and found one that he apparently frequented. But now, on the phone, he was boiling, furiously mad. He laced right into me. He said, don’t you know nothing? He said, that place is a pit. He said, you know what? He said, If this is the kind of place you choose to meet me in, I’m going to think hard about whether I want to do this or not. And then he hung up on me. Wowza! Anyway, things got smoothed over and we had breakfast the next day at another joint, with not a word from him about his explosion. He didn’t apologize, he didn’t shrug and laugh, he didn’t say anything. He just pretended it didn’t happen. Got to love that. What a character!!!!

BTW/ No issue of Men’s Journal has sold more than the one w/ Baldwin on the cover. It was the magazine’s biggest seller ever. Go Baldwin!

My Calculating Life

Right now, I have over 550 handheld LED calculators from the 1970s sitting in my basement. At one point, I was the third largest collector of these calculators in the country. How did this happen to me?

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