It Takes All Kinds

a Few Stories and Profiles by Erik Hedegaard from Inside the Pages of Rolling Stone (with Additional Commentary and Falderal Provided by the Author)

Lefty Kreh’s Only Flycasting Failure

Sports Afield reported an unprecedented, record-breaking number of hate calls and letters after this one came out. It was flooded with subscription cancellations. Seems readers thought I had gored the sacred cow. Indeed, one of the magazine’s largest advertisers — Llyon’s Publishers — threatened to pull its advertising for a full year because of it. Wow!

The Grass Casters: a Fanatic’s Tale

If I had this one to do over, I would leave out the business about how fat this one fellow was. I understand it caused him considerable pain, and I’ve felt bad about it ever since. I thought about cutting it at the time. I just didn’t think about it hard enough, I guess. He didn’t deserve what I did to him — or, actually, what I allowed another fellow to do to him in a quote.

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